Re: PATCH: automatic fillin of version number on bug reports

Subject: Re: PATCH: automatic fillin of version number on bug reports
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 12:07:17 CST

> another thing im wondering about is will users still have to subscibe to
> post a bug?

I still want users to register in order to post a bug. We need some
vital bits of info from them, such as their email address in case we
need to get a document or better description of the bug from them.

Secondly, I do want *some* cost to filing a bug in bugzilla. I'm
honestly quite tired of lame bugreports, having to weed-out dups,
missing documents, poor descriptions of bugs/how to reproduce bugs, and
the like. Already people get offended if I so much as file one bug as a
duplicate of another! I get personal responses and hate-mail back from
people every otherday in response to a bugzilla auto-generated email.
I'm afraid that by lowering the entrance "penalty" I'd be getting even
more nuisances of this sort. I feel that by making people register, it
shows that the reporter has at least some wits about him/herself and
might be actually able to help us create a better product. I'm worried
that by removing the registration, we'd be opening floodgates for lousy
bug-report upon lousy bug-report.

Most commercial products make people register for bug-reporting, support
and service. A lot of times it costs these people a good deal of money.
If taking 30 seconds to create a bugzilla login is too much work, I'm
sorry for the _gross_ inconvenience that's in place to make my life
easier. But please consider that it will probably take several other
people hours or even days in order to properly categorize and fix the
bug (free of charge, no less).


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