Indian Language in AbiWord

Subject: Indian Language in AbiWord
From: Savant shanti (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 00:45:38 CST

Hi developers,
   Can we write some sort of macro on AbiWord as
provided by the MS-Word 2000?
   Actually I want to work out something of this sort.
Any language fonts can be used in AbiWord, so in order
to use AbiWord to type a document in some other
language basically we need a font with its keymap. In
Indic Languages (of which Assamese is also one) the
problem arises out of 'Juktashara'. 'Juktashara' is
another character which is a combination of two or
more characters. So what we need to do is 'a+b'->'x'.
Thence can we write a simple program which looks up an
array, whenever 'a+b' is typed, and replaces 'a+b'
with 'x' in document. In this way we can type a
document in 'Indic Languages'.
   This way is just the display rendering. I mean
works only with a particular font and gives user a
feeling that he is working in that particular
   Please give comments and suggest ways of doing in
such a way if its possible.


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