Re: (Lack of) Source Code Documentation

Subject: Re: (Lack of) Source Code Documentation
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sat Dec 22 2001 - 21:46:20 CST

Hi Uwog,
        You're right about the lack of documentation. We're slowly
correctinbg this via the Doxygen utility. Th e idea is to add Doxygen
comments in the course of regular hacking activity. We generally now
always include Doxygen comments for every we new method we write and we
rquire these from submitted patches, never-the-less there is stiull a long
way to go.

fv_View in particular has has no entry from he main doygen browsing page.

Actually fv_View has a lot more documentation than is available from
doxygen. There must be some kind of bug in doxygen's generation.

In any case, fv_View is the interface between the user/event system and
the layout classes of the current view and document.

In ascii art one might think of it like this.


fv_View fv_View fv_View fv_View
Layout classes Layout classes Layout classes Layout classes
       \ | / |
        \ | / |
         \ | / |
          \ | / |
                    pd_Document pd_Document
                    Piecetable Piecetable

Since a document can have multiple views on it and abiword can handle many
open documents simultanouesly.

A lot ot the methods in fv_View have acquired doxygen comments over the
last 12 months but somehow they haven't prograged into the toplevel site.



On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, j.m.maurer wrote:

> Ha all!
> I'm new to AbiWord and trying to get a grip on the code. But since there
> is virtually _no_ source code documentation, this is a very difficult
> thing to do. Even major classes like fv_View don't even include an
> abstract of what they do!
> The number of active developers on AbiWord is fairly low, and I think
> the almost complete lack of source code documentation is a major factor
> in this.
> What I would propose is that a fair amount of (boring) work on this is
> done after the 1.0 release. This may attract more developers (at least
> on: me), which is a Good Thing(TM)!
> Are there any plans on this?
> Marc aka Uwog

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