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Subject: Re: Help Styles
From: David Chart (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 18:35:56 CST

--On Saturday, December 22, 2001 12:04 AM +0000 Alan <> wrote:

> Netscape 4.7
> i put the file in another directory without the stylesheet and netscape
> did not choke (it usually does if the stylesheet it absent) ++ the page
> works perfectly well without the stylesheet

This is good, and the intention.

> with the style sheet
> the text at the top of the screen is white on black, as is the bit at the
> bottom (top bit left aligned, bottom centered)

This is correct.

> (incidentally this can
> also be acheived by using a table and changing the cell color)

Very bad way of doing it, though. You shouldn't use tables to do layout; it
breaks various accessibility things, text browsers, and leads to ugly HTML.

> the text
> body is indented about an inch

Also correct.

> (incidentally this can also be acheived by using blockquote tags, but
> that would be semantically (?) incorrect)

Yes, it would.

> IE 5.5
> the white on black text, has the black almost as wide as the whole screen
> and about the 3 times the text height (in Netscape 4.7 it was fit to the
> text size, ie exactly the same size as if you had selected the text)

IE 5.5 has it about right. The black is supposed to be larger than the text.

David Chart

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