Re: On the Road to version 1.0

Subject: Re: On the Road to version 1.0
From: Bryce Nesbitt (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 10:32:52 CST

Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> > And CMYK vs. ICC cs. RGBA is meaningless on a monochrome laser. Resolution
> > is where it's at.
> Sorry - I'll go upgrade everyone's printer for them for the holidays. Ho
> Ho Ho! In the real world, CMYK, ICC, and RGBA are quite different and
> people really *do* care about this. In the real world, people generally
> want CMYK graphics in their printed documents. RGBA only cuts muster on
> a monitor. My clients care a hell of a lot about this sort of stuff. If
> you've ever done business with a publishing, pre-press, or advertising
> company you'd know as much. These people also do have abundant access to
> monochrome laser printers.

I'll decline the offer for an upgrade to my monochrome laser :-).

I've done plenty of pre-press. Colorspace issues are unrelated to the issue
at hand, which was vector imaging. If you want to tie the two issues
it argues for EPS, since only EPS will pass the colorspace unmolested
through to the printer. Rasterizing EPS in RGB colorspace without regard
to the printer won't cut it. Thus the people that care won't like it.

Is there an actual objection to true EPS support? A preference for bitmap
based EPS support? If so, why?


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