Re: On the Road to version 1.0

Subject: Re: On the Road to version 1.0
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 09:51:51 CST

> "Show Paragraphs" is very specific.
> It's like a sign that reads "Parking OK Sat & Sun". The
> sign implies everything not in the allowed set is forbidden.
> "Show Paragraphs" implies that it shows just paragraphs. A person
> looking for other markers would not select it, except by reference
> to Word.
> "[x] Nonprinting characters" is used by StarOffice.
> "[x] Show codes" is technically incorrect, but harmlessly so. WordPerfect's show codes meant something different, but has the same basic purpose.

I never argued that it wasn't specific, only that your suggestion was
sub-optimal (prehaps even moreso than the current choice). Show codes is
incorrect, and potentially VERY harmful. WordPerfect's "show codes"
feature is *very* different from what we're discussing. "Nonprinting
characters" might be a better choice but it rubs me the wrong way.
> But in the business world vector
> drawings are definitely preferred to raster images, especially for
> printing. There is no way you'll get me to put a raster version of
> the logo for any of the companies I work for on paper. No way I'll
> rasterize a vector based map, a barcode or any such vecor drawing.

Nor would I expect you too.
> And CMYK vs. ICC cs. RGBA is meaningless on a monochrome laser. Resolution
> is where it's at.

Sorry - I'll go upgrade everyone's printer for them for the holidays. Ho
Ho Ho! In the real world, CMYK, ICC, and RGBA are quite different and
people really *do* care about this. In the real world, people generally
want CMYK graphics in their printed documents. RGBA only cuts muster on
a monitor. My clients care a hell of a lot about this sort of stuff. If
you've ever done business with a publishing, pre-press, or advertising
company you'd know as much. These people also do have abundant access to
monochrome laser printers.

Right now, Abi unfortunately doesn't handle vector graphics very well,
but you know this already. This will be corrected in a few months.

> .EPS has the rather strong advantage of translating in vector format
> all the way to the printer. It's also just about the simplest possible
> import format to deal with. The WP must select the frame size and
> position, that's it. The postscript just gets translated and shipped
> on out. No scaling, no preview, no nothin' needed. It's all the printer's
> problem.

For PS printers, this is fine. Not all printers are PS printers, though.


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