Re: On the Road to version 1.0

Subject: Re: On the Road to version 1.0
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 10:54:23 CST

> > * .svg import (which does nothing but mess up documents for me)
> Disable .svg for 1.0

> > * Smart quotes on Linux (the checkbox has no useful effect)
> Remove smart quotes checkbox from Linux build (don't show a broken control to the user).
> Hard map imported Windows characters
> to Linux alternatives (thus loading and saving a document with Linux changes the smart
> quotes back to normal quotes). See

I'd personally rather not do this - if people want to shoot themselves
in the foot, I'm willing to let them, so long as they know that the gun
is loaded.
> Change menu "show paragrahps" to read "show markers". "show paragraphs" does not
> communicate that it will also show bookmarks.

The phrase is used by many other WPs to describe this functionality,
including "that" other WP. I'm loathe to change it.
> Fix rendering issues on Linux.

Will try our best.
> > * Execute script (which just says ATTN: for me)
> "ATTN:" did not communicate to me "Scripting engine not installed". How about
> ghosting the icon if no scripting engine is installed?

Now ghosted out.

> Finish resize image code.

Will do.
> Allow images to be anchored to the PAGE. You can make your own image flow using the margin controls.

Will not do.
> Add .eps import.

Done vi ImageMagick plugin. EPS really isn't that common anyway...
Consider done.
> > * Autotext
> Ok, I just think Abi could do without this feature. Personal preference.

Will keep.
> Also consier:
> * Ghost the spellchecker menu if there is no dictionary loaded.
> DON'T just say that all words are spelled correctly!

Hard to do, but possible. Not likely for 1.0. I consider the "can't load
dictionary XYZ" message sufficient warning for the time being.

Feel free to help with any of these issues. Don't necessarily limit
yourself to lock styles.


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