Re: Commit: moving gdkpixbuf to GNOME

Subject: Re: Commit: moving gdkpixbuf to GNOME
From: Rui Miguel Seabra (
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 14:53:07 CST

On Wed, 2001-12-19 at 10:19, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> Excuse me, but before whinning, you should try to look at what have been
> done. There is NO loss of functionnality. Even better, I added the required
> hooks to allow platform imp/exporter to be registered.

None whatsoever?
So tell me, will ABI_OPT_GNOME=0 allow the plugin to be built?

> So before yieling and having flame-prone speech, look at it.

  1) flame-prone speech is what you did ("remove, add, happy?"),
specially because of the rest of the email you ignored.
  2) I did not want to do a full cvs update before being sure I'd still
be able to compile the plugin. Your wording induced the idea that you
had moved the plugin from the abiword-plugins into abi module. Even
though that wasn't very consistent with the paste you added, I couldn't
feel assured.
  3) in light of the problems related to this plugin, my fears are fully

> OK, I may have broken the tree, but only by mistake and I did that because
> the tree was broken for me too since the addition of that importer. For that
> I apologize, but you have been warned.

I didn't even mention the braking of the tree, I saw the posts just in
time, and that happens all the time. Mistakes are only human.

Threats already? I think that's completely out of way.

Ever since I stood for my principles that you seem to feel an enormous
contempt over me. I think it's about time you overcame that. I don't
have a problem with you or anybody here. I have a problem with a certain
thing on a certain time. I deal with it, and then it passes.

People have divergent opinions, if we're all the same, we'd be robots.

Returning to the plugin, I think I made well clear why it should be a
separate plugin (and I am sure i can make it install by default in gnome
builds for rpms).

Hugs, rms

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| but it is very important that you do it -- Ghandi
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