On the Road to version 1.0

Subject: On the Road to version 1.0
From: Dom Lachowicz (doml@appligent.com)
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 10:43:50 CST

Hi guys,

This email is long overdue, but it's better late than never.

At this time, I'd like to propose a schedule toward our releasing
AbiWord version 1.0


There are currently about 500 bugs in an Open, Submit, or POSTPONED
state in Bugzilla, and this number is likely to rise in the near future.
There are also tons of bugs that need to be verified, opened, closed,
tested, and many more need triage. I'm calling for help here from
developers and users alike to help us out here. If you have 5 or 10 free
minutes, this could make all the difference to us. Not all bugs in
bugzilla will be marked as 1.0 release critical - many don't deserve to
be, many others would require us to rewrite AbiWord's layout engine (for
example), and others are just plain goofy. Still others are requests for
enhancement and probably should be postponed to post 1.0. Of the 500
current bugs, my preliminary (educated) guess is that about 250 of these
should be fixed or otherwise closed before 1.0 and the other 250 should
be properly targetted toward post 1.0 releases


Required platforms for 1.0:
*Win32, Win32 Bidi
*Linux GTK+, GTK+ Bidi (ia32 and ppc archs)
*Linux Gnome, Gnome Bidi (ia32 and ppc archs)

"Would be nice" platforms for 1.0:
*Solaris Sparc GTK+ Mono-di
**BSD ia32 GTK+ and Gnome, mono-di and bidi
*QNX ia32 Mono-di (pending free-time from thomasf, else see BeOs notes)

"Impossible" platforms for 1.0:
*BeOS ia32 (though if someone steps up to do the required work, we could
release a "developer's snapshot" of BeOs AbiWord)


Preliminary schedule:

Feature freeze: TODAY. There will be no more features checked into the
tree, unless they are considered ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and are currently
filed in Bugzilla. These would be anything considered as a RELEASE
BLOCKER and I don't think that there will be many (if any) of these
commits needed. If you're hankering for a new feature or functionality,
feel free to check it into AbiWord-Plugins

Soft String freeze: This Friday, the Dec 21st. I say "soft" here because
some bugzilla bugs may require the addition of or changing of strings,
and this is both unavoidable and worthwhile.

Documentation freeze: English language documentation should be done by
January 4, 2002 to allow time for adequate translations.

Hard String freeze: January 7, 2002. Bugzilla bugs that require new
strings or an alteration of existing string will have to be done by this
date or will have to wait until 1.0.1. NO EXCEPTIONS.

AbiWord 0.99.1 aka 1.0 Alpha 1: January 8, 2002. ~50% of 1.0 release
critical bugs should be fixed by this date.

Translation freeze (both strings and documentation): January 18. We will
no longer accept new translations, documentation updates, or anything of
the sort after this date. NO EXCEPTIONS.

AbiWord 0.99.2 aka 1.0 Beta 1: January 19, 2002. ~66% of 1.0 release
critical bugs should be fixed by this date.

AbiWord 0.99.3 aka 1.0 Beta 2: January 23, 2002. ~75% of 1.0 release
critical bugs should be fixed by this date.

AbiWord 0.99.4 aka 1.0 Pre 1 : January 27, 2002. ~85% of 1.0 release
critical bugs should be fixed by this date.

AbiWord 1.0 final: January 31, 2002. Ideally, between 90% and 100% of
1.0 targetted bugs would be here. Ideally NO KNOWN CRASHERS



* Adequate working translations
* As many dictionaries as humanly possible
* Adequate documentation:
  - David's docs, integrated with our help system, translated
  - Installion documents for all required platforms and subplatforms
(rpm, tgz, deb, ...)
  - HOWTO/FAQs, especially for the more annoying and prominant bugs
(Bidi vs Monodi, unix font handling/setup, ttf, ...)


I'm looking for more feedback from everyone here. The release schedule
is set in mud, not stone right now, so a bit of movement is possible,
but not a whole lot. Getting 1.0 out the door will be a big process, but
it's going to kick some major ass. I want to thank everyone who has (and
will) put in their valuable time toward making our 1.0 release the
greatest ever!


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