The Need For Standard Release Procedures

Subject: The Need For Standard Release Procedures
From: Jared Davis (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 16:42:40 CST


On September 26, I proposed that we adopt a standard release strategy and
proivded a draft document. No discussion resulted from this.

I would like to re-suggest this. I would like to point out that at present:

 + An i386 RPM on SourceForge does not identify itself as gtk or gnome

 + Savannah does not have several packages that are on SourceForge:
        (MacOS package, Source RPM, Source Tarball, Win32 package)

 + SourceForge does not have BIDI packages available
I would really appreciate it if we could coordinate the release of packages
better and get a truly comprehensive release strategy into place.

I've attached my initial proposal for your review. Can we agree on this or
something similar?



Love all, serve all.

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