generating revenues [was Re: bidi status report]

Subject: generating revenues [was Re: bidi status report]
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 16:02:31 CST

I thought this was worth a new thread.
> I have set up a account, and will set up a kagi
> account shortly. I'm trying to set up a revenue model for AbiWord
> based on an aggragation of small sums from users + contractural
> work from more serious individuals.

You must be a mind reader, I have been thinking of setting up a
paypal account for at least a month and meant to discuss it with
you, but never got to it. About other possible ways to generate
some revenue: one strategy I like is that used by Pegasus, my
favorite win32 mail client. The software is free, but you are
encouraged to buy printed documentation in support of it (even
though it has comprehesive online help). I love printed
documentation to software, I hate the fact that these days nothing
comes with paper manual. On line help is great for quick reference,
but for me it cannot replace the paper book (we would have to work
out which country would best for publication in terms of production
and shipping costs).

> I have not worked out how we might distribute funds from the
> "general $5 donation" pot. Contractural work is cut&dry - the
> money goes to the developer who did the work. Suggestions are
> welcomed.
I have been thinking about this for a while, and I personally would
be less concerned with who gets it, and more that we make most
of it. For instance Martin estimated that a fultime working developer
could implement the tables in three month. So we could save up
until there would be enough to fund a developer for 3 or 6 months,
and then make it possible for a person to work fultime on AW for
that period. Now, not everyone would be able or willing to do that,
since we have other commitments, jobs, etc. But if a person would
become available and willing, then we would use the resources in
the pot to make that possible. There is a danger that some might
feel left out, thinking how come he is getting paid, and I am doing
just as good job as he is and am not, but if these were short-term
projects, say not longer than 6 month, I think this probably would
not arise.

The issue that I was not sure about is, who should the account
formally belong to, and what to do about bookkeeping, mainly
concerning taxes. I think we might need some legal advice on this
and perhaps setup non-profit trust or something.

Other thought I had was a cudly blue ants to sit on the top of
peoples computers (perhaps hand in hand with the penguine), but I
came to the conclusion that (1) ant is not suitable for a cudly toy
because of the slim waist; (2) this would require substantial
starting investment and is doubtful it would work. T-shirts might be
more viable, but again I am not sure and have no experience in this


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