Re: Unix font warning -- CJK-related...

Subject: Re: Unix font warning -- CJK-related...
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 04:22:54 CST

> but as you know, the fonts.dir in CJK font subdirs
> (e.g. zh-TW, zh-CN, ja, ko) use a special format to include PostScript
> names, XLFD and metric information, so X can't handle these fonts.dir
> anyway. Included is a patch to prevent AbiWord from adding these
> non-X-standard fonts.dir if the subdir names start with "zh", "ko" or
> "ja". Since AbiWord has always handled these CJK fonts.dir internally,
> this patch does not affect useability, but does get rid of the Unix font
> warnings when users start AbiWord under a CJK locale.

The problem with the patch is that it merely bypasses the warning,
which is there for a reason -- it is to alert the user to the fact that
some manual ajustment of the system might be required before
AW is usable. Even under CJK locale AW still needs the fonts to
be in the X font path, since it uses Gtk to do the rendering. So if
the non-standard format of the fonts.dir file means that we are never
able to add the CJK directories to the font path automatically, then
that warning needs to be always displayed when CJK locale is
detected in the process of setting the path, not to be always
disabled. When the user has the fonts in the font path, then they
can turn off the font-path modification in the Preferences.

I will test and commit the PS path later.


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