Re: Unix font warning

Subject: Re: Unix font warning
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 04:22:54 CST

> The responsibility for fonts is only partially shifted to the font server. I
> have a font server for TrueType fonts; xset is also able to add font
> directories to the font path. How do I make it do that?
The problem with the X font path is that the X API function which is
used to set it will fail if the path contains directories with fonts the X
server itself does not know how to handle, i.e., if you use special
font server for ttf fonts, you cannot add a directory with ttf fonts to
the path using the X server API; in practice this means that if your
existing path contains non-directory entires e.g. a font server, it is
very likely that the XSetFontPath function will fail, and what is
worse, if it does AW is unable to restore the old path, since it is
the old path which is the cause of the problems. In order to avoid
this AW does not try to modify the path at all and pop's the

So, you either add the AW fonts directory(ies) to the font path in
XF86Config, or to the configuration of the ttf font server if it contains
ttf fonts. Now, I think xset -f also fails in such a setup, it just does
not issue any warnings; since you have been using AW before it is
likely that the directory is already in your font path, so before trying
anything else, I would just disable the warning and see if AW is
working normally.

Hope this helps


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