Unix font warning

Subject: Unix font warning
From: Pierre Abbat (phma@oltronics.net)
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 17:23:54 CST

I got this message and found the following in the help file:

For AbiWord to function properly, it needs to add its font folder to the X
collection of font folders. If your X setup is such that the responsibility
for the fonts is entirely shifted on a dedicated font server (i.e., RedHat
setup), AbiWord will not be able to do this automatically, and a warning will
be displayed during start up. To get around the problem, you have to manually
(and permanently) add the AbiWord font folder to the font server's
configuration, please see your distribution's documentation. Once you do, you
can turn the warning off by clearing the Show Unix Font Warning check box on
the Preferences Schemes tab of the Preferences dialog. You can stop AbiWord
from attempting to modify your font path by clearing the Modify Unix Font

The responsibility for fonts is only partially shifted to the font server. I
have a font server for TrueType fonts; xset is also able to add font
directories to the font path. How do I make it do that?


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