Re: Turkish (tr-TR) L10N patches

Subject: Re: Turkish (tr-TR) L10N patches
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 21:19:43 CST

 --- alper <> wrote: > On Sat, Dec
08, 2001 at 01:12:45AM +0000, Andrew
> Dunbar wrote:
> > --- alper <> wrote: > On Fri,
> Dec
> [...]
> >
> > Win2K AbiWord should've still drawn some chars
> > incorrectly. I was getting an Icelandic "thorn"
> > character instead of the Turkish "s with cedilla"
> > or "g with breve" from memory.
> >
> This is typical unless Turkish locale is installed.
> Select it through Regional Options and then *set
> default*. It should
> ask for installation CD, let it load its stuff,
> restart, then you can
> switch back-n-forth without setting as default.

Ah yes well I'm on Unix (: What you suggest doesn't
fix the problem, it hides it. Declaring the correct
encoding fixed it.

> > I had to manually set the encoding. But since
> your
> > system is probably set to a Turkish local it would
> > have defaulted to the right encoding for you.
> >
> No, it does not default, because I can also view
> ru-RU.strings rendered
> correctly through 6.2 and encoding is automatically
> set to KOI8-R. The
> same is true for lt-LT.strings, with ISO-8859-13.
> And my system locale
> is Turkish, and user locale (i.e. which is not
> default) is English-US.
> Pretty weird, huh?
> (the trick might be due to code page conversion
> tables. I might also
> have set these locales as default some time ago so
> that their stuff
> already exists in system folders, but I can't
> recall. Is there a way to
> see installed locales in W2K?)

Well that's because Moz/NS6 can detect (usually) the
different Cyrillic encodings because they are very
different to the western europe ones. It can also
detect Chinese, Japanese etc. It can't detect Turkish
though since it's characters are also possible in
west europe locales - icelandic for instance. It's
tricky to explain.

I'm not sure if there's a way to see installed
locales in W2K. I think maybe in Regional settings
somewhere. Sorry I don't have access to W2K here.

> > W2K has excellent multilingual capabilities.
> You're right. I would hardly expect such a good work
> considering
> previous Windows versions, though.

They get a couple of things right these days I can't
deny it. We'll have to wait for FreeType and Pango
to be finished and tested for Unix to catch up.

> > Vi would've used the right encoding because of
> your
> > system locale, just like Mozilla. Probably why
> you
> > didn't notice anything.
> >
> I'm yet to resolve how Cygwin handles/emulates
> locale settings.

I'm not sure about this either. But I do know that
it runs in the Windoes console and that it can only
handle the microsoft encodings, like the one you
gave us your files in.

> > Encodings are hard to understand. It's workin'
> now (:
> Thanks, let's wait for some reactions then ;)

I hope it's well received. You might want to do
some bug testing for us. I know Turkish has one
thing to watch out for which is that changing case
of letters should not change i -> I like in English,
since Turkish has i with and without a dot. Feel
free to report this bug on if we have it, unless
it's already there.

Have fun and thanks for the contribution. Andrew.


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