Re: Turkish (tr-TR) L10N patches

Subject: Re: Turkish (tr-TR) L10N patches
From: alper (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 20:06:59 CST

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 01:12:45AM +0000, Andrew Dunbar wrote:
> --- alper <> wrote: > On Fri, Dec
> Win2K AbiWord should've still drawn some chars
> incorrectly. I was getting an Icelandic "thorn"
> character instead of the Turkish "s with cedilla"
> or "g with breve" from memory.

This is typical unless Turkish locale is installed.

Select it through Regional Options and then *set default*. It should
ask for installation CD, let it load its stuff, restart, then you can
switch back-n-forth without setting as default.

> > > I have Turkish-capable fonts and Mozilla renders
> > > Turkish correctly. I can
> > > also run AbiWord as eg, Cyrillic.
> >
> > And I have Netscape 6.2, it renders .strings files
> > correctly and changes
> > encoding per se.
> I had to manually set the encoding. But since your
> system is probably set to a Turkish local it would
> have defaulted to the right encoding for you.

No, it does not default, because I can also view ru-RU.strings rendered
correctly through 6.2 and encoding is automatically set to KOI8-R. The
same is true for lt-LT.strings, with ISO-8859-13. And my system locale
is Turkish, and user locale (i.e. which is not default) is English-US.
Pretty weird, huh?
(the trick might be due to code page conversion tables. I might also
have set these locales as default some time ago so that their stuff
already exists in system folders, but I can't recall. Is there a way to
see installed locales in W2K?)

> W2K has excellent multilingual capabilities.

You're right. I would hardly expect such a good work considering
previous Windows versions, though.

> Vi would've used the right encoding because of your
> system locale, just like Mozilla. Probably why you
> didn't notice anything.

I'm yet to resolve how Cygwin handles/emulates locale settings.

> Encodings are hard to understand. It's workin' now (:

Thanks, let's wait for some reactions then ;)


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