[Fwd: AbiWord fi-FI update]

Subject: [Fwd: AbiWord fi-FI update]
From: Dom Lachowicz (doml@appligent.com)
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 10:42:40 CST

Can someone take care of this please?

attached mail follows:

Dear Sir,

Here is an updated version of fi-FI.strings.
I sent mail to the original translator but my
mail bounced. MAILER-DAEMON informed me
that the address was invalid. The previous
translation was made quite a time ago, about
40% of current strings were translated.

I have an old Windows 95B system with 32 MB RAM.
I can't build AbiWord but I used existing 0.9.5 debug
version. I used -dumpstrings parameter and translated
all en-US.strings to their corresponding finnish
equivalents. I also added my name to the translators
section of fi-FI.strings.

I also copied ap_TB_LabelSet_fi-FI.h using LXR.
The problem was that it was in html-format. Every
line was preceded by line number. I thought that I
should remove all line numbers and also many extra
spaces after parameter separators (commas) in order
to make it resemble normal header file. I added missing
lines from ap_TB_LabelSet_en-US.h and translated
english label strings to finnish. I saved the file as
text file (CRLF line endings). I hope this is the
correct way to do the translation. I hope my changes
don't break anything. At least fi-FI.strings load fine
with my Win 0.9.5 AbiWord. I can't test ap_TB_LabelSet_fi-FI.h
and I think you should at least browse through the file
before you try to commit it.

I understand that many developers are using *ix systems
and can build their AbiWord and use cvs and diffs.
I hope that also Windows users and translators can
benefit the AbiWord community without those kind of
tools. I have followed your mailing lists (via archive).
I am little unsure how the translator business works
because the documents mailing list isn't upto-date.

In the future I might also like to translate the Help/About AbiWord
and maybe some help files if I just knew how. Maybe you
could forward this mail to someone more appropriate
person in view of AbiWord translations. I chose you because
I thought that you are some kind of project coordinator or
at least a mother hen character hovering above the AbiWord
activity (no offense intended).

I have attached these two files as separate winzipped
files. I hope that you or someone else could commit
these changes.

All the best wishes,
May the AbiWord live long and prosper

Ismo Mäkinen

Oma sähköposti aina käytössä! http://luukku.com

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