Re: 0.9.5 build fails on W2K

Subject: Re: 0.9.5 build fails on W2K
From: alper (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 18:46:36 CST

Hi Michael, *

On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 10:36:15AM -0600, Michael D. Pritchett wrote:
> This is a result of the ever changing cygwin environment. Obviously
> F:\cygwinabiword-0.9.5 probably should be something like F:\abiword-0.9.5.

No. It should be F:\cygwin\abiword-0.9.5
(F:\cygwin is my Cygwin root)

The problem is a missing \ in path prefix. Anyway... You are right,
TRANSFORM_TO_DOS_PATH is the culprit. I spent some time in
and figured out that, only the conditional that finds string "cygdrive"
in $(ABI_ROOT) works fine for latest Cygwin (which is 1.3.5 as of now).

The one that checks for <space> in `uname -r` is not satisfied since,
it's for older Cygwin versions I guess, this version does not print any
white char in response.

The default (last) conditional is satisfied when $(ABI_ROOT) is under
Cygwin root, or when default cygdrive prefix is not "cygdrive" (oh, yes,
this was the first time I'd got trapped because my prefix was something
different, possible to change with mount -c). And, the path prefix set
by this part does not end in \\, so fails the build.

> system is failing in your case. You may fix this area again such that it
> works and submit a patch or just hardwire the TRANSFORM_TO_DOS_PATH such
> that it works for you.

I can write a patch for that, but the purpose of middle sed command in
default (last) conditional is not clear to me, i.e.
                sed 's| /| $(CYGWIN_ROOT)|g'
and I don't want to mess things up.

Also, I recommend replacing hard-coded "cygdrive" string with
$(shell mount -p)



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