Re: 0.9.5 build fails on W2K

Subject: Re: 0.9.5 build fails on W2K
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 10:36:15 CST

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Subject: 0.9.5 build fails on W2K

> Hi everybody,
> Platform is W2K SP2 + VC6 SP5 + cygwin (latest net distro)
> I unpacked 0.9.5 source tarball into Cygwin root, `cd abi`, then ran
> make, proceeded a bit, but failed as follows:
> The path starting as F:\cygwinabiword-0.9.5\ in error msg is weird, but
> adler32.obj (or adler32.o) does not exist anywhere either.
> Anyone got a clue what might be wrong?
> Thanks

This is a result of the ever changing cygwin environment. Obviously
F:\cygwinabiword-0.9.5 probably should be something like F:\abiword-0.9.5.

adler32.c is a source file under the zlib directory. When compiling it, the
rules in abi/src/config/ should have defined a
TRANSFORM_TO_DOS_PATH rule that converts a cygwin path into a standard dos
path that the window's compiler will understand. This would be where the
system is failing in your case. You may fix this area again such that it
works and submit a patch or just hardwire the TRANSFORM_TO_DOS_PATH such
that it works for you.

Hope this helps


Michael D. Pritchett

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