Re: Win32 PageSetup question and unrelated patches

Subject: Re: Win32 PageSetup question and unrelated patches
From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 18:08:01 CDT

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 wrote:
> I have also attached some patches to xap_Win32Frame and ap_Win32Frame.
> They basically change the current behaviour of opening abiword
> using system default size & location and provide the application
> a chance to specify a size - which ap_Win32Frame then does
> (taking into account the actual screen size available). The change
> is that now AbiWord opens and doesn't have to be resized to see
> the full width of the document (or opens to nearly full screen on
> lower resolutions). The patches are included in the zip below
> (hopefully no one minds the attachement - its only 2.6KB), I'm not
> sure the proper format, so I just ran diff -u on the changed files
> and then zipped them. Feel free to use/ignore/alter them as you
> see fit.

Jeremy -

I have looked over your patches, but have some reservation in committing
them. Although I appreciate the basic sizing feature - we lose the
overlap window feature. I believe this is a critical feature for many
Window users as this works differently than other MDI apps. Plenty has
been written about this design issue previously.

I get the feeling that the need for this was when opening up a new page, a
the page width would be avaiable. I have implimented this feature
(undocumented) with the system preferences allow "100", "Width", "Page" as
available zoom types.

To impliment this - open AbiWord.Profile in a text editor. Under the
<Scheme name="_custom_" add a line ZoomType="Width". Now AbiWord will
have a default Zoom Type of Width which should get you back to the
original need.

If I am misunderstanding something, let me know.

Note: if you want to enable the feature such that Windows remembers the
last state (i.e. maximized or size) and then open like that - it has been
in Bugzilla for a long time.


Michael D. Pritchett

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