Re: [Fwd: Feature Freeze?]

Subject: Re: [Fwd: Feature Freeze?]
From: Pierre Abbat (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 23:22:53 CDT

On Tuesday 28 August 2001 22:06, Scott Bingman wrote:
> Dom's templates, what templates? I am taking a business communication
> course this semester and I have a whole book of templates that I could
> provide. Just give me a how and where.
> Just out of curiosity, nothing more, has anybody thought of putting in
> File->Templates for easy access to whatever templates we make available?
> I think the MS Office way of doing it is bulky and clunky, hard to use,
> etc.. If templates were in the File menu then AbiWord could open a
> specific directory with all the templates available. Also, upon save, it
> would by default save (templates only) to this directory. Don't even
> know if it is possible, just thought I'd throw out the idea.

This sounds good, but it can't save new templates to the systemwide templates
directory unless you're root. It has to save them to the templates directory
in your home directory.


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