Re: Testbuilds of all dictionaries available

Subject: Re: Testbuilds of all dictionaries available
From: Jesús Corrius (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 04:18:24 CDT

>>2. The hash-file catala.hash, should be renamed
>>catalan.hash. That's the
>>correct spelling (I believe) and it's also what it
>>is referenced by in
>>the table in ispell_checker.cpp. I have changed this
>>in my build.
>>From memory Catalan is the English word for the
>language, in Catalan I think it is spelled with an
>accent on the final a but we don't use non-ASCII
>characters in dictionary names of course.

Yes. I can confirm that the original word is catalŕ, but the english
word for my language is catalan.
Good memory ;-)

Jesús Corrius

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