Re: Testbuilds of all dictionaries available

Subject: Re: Testbuilds of all dictionaries available
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 03:56:20 CDT

 --- Gabriel Gerhardsson <> wrote: > Hi
> I have now hacked together a (very ugly) c-program
> that scripts the
> building of the dictionary rpms.
> I have done test builds of all hash-files that has
> an associated acronym
> in ispell_checker.cpp.
> Comments:
> 1. Since esperanto doesn't have an associated
> acronym, I didn't build
> it. Can someone please tell me what acronym to use
> with it, so that all
> 20 languages can get builds.

The language code for Esperanto is "eo". As there is
only one Esperanto, there is no country code. I'm
assuming this is what you were asking.

> 2. The hash-file catala.hash, should be renamed
> catalan.hash. That's the
> correct spelling (I believe) and it's also what it
> is referenced by in
> the table in ispell_checker.cpp. I have changed this
> in my build.

From memory Catalan is the English word for the
language, in Catalan I think it is spelled with an
accent on the final a but we don't use non-ASCII
characters in dictionary names of course.

> 3. In the table in ispell_checker.cpp, the hash-file
> for Netherlands is
> said to be named dutch96.hash. But there is no file
> by that name. I
> believe it should be changed to reference to the
> file nederlands.hash.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sounds right to me. Perhaps there were various Dutch
dictionaries floating around at various stages.

> Anyway, I have put up the testbuilds here:
> It's actually my own computer, so if it's not
> reachable just try later.
> I'll leave it on as much as I can.
> Please download and test your (or any other for that
> sake) language!
> It works for me, but you never know.
> Also, I would like to get comments on the naming of
> files and such
> things. I'm very open to suggestions about anything.
> Take care
> /Gabriel

Fantastic effort Gabriel. My kudos to anybody working
on international stuff in Abi, as always.

Andrew Dunbar.


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