Re: MacOS X autoconf build problem

Subject: Re: MacOS X autoconf build problem
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 13:07:26 CDT

According to David Mandelin <>:
> Anyway, I did get it built, but I had to do a few other things. (The
> generated libpng makefile did nothing, so I used the one included with
> libpng. At the final link step, there was a duplicate symbol
> "_DeleteNode", which is the name of a function in wv, and seems to be the
> name of an OS 10 function also. So I changed the one in wv to
> "DeleteNode1" (in files bintree.h, bintree.c, chp.c, and table.c).

That is a know issue. I thought I committed the fixes, but apparently not.
> However, it doesn't work. When I start the app, the toolbar icons are
> blank. I can't seem to type in the text area. When I do File->New, it
> faults.

Au contraire it works. You currently have AbiWord for MacOS X in its
current state. Nobody said that it was doing anything useful. At least I
NEVER did.

MacOS X portmaster.

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