recruiting (was Re: towards a release process that Just Works)

Subject: recruiting (was Re: towards a release process that Just Works)
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 16:11:57 CDT

At 03:24 PM 8/16/01 -0400, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
>Having a release manager and coordinators and all of those other jobs that
>mentioned would be great. Right now, we don't have that, and people to fill
>those kinds of jobs are traditionally hard to find.

OK, I'm willing to accept that challenge. :-)

Does this mean that people *would* be willing to slow down the current
release process to give me a chance to do the necessary recruiting? If so,
please give me an explicit go-ahead.

My past experience (with AWN, POWs, Tinderbox, etc.) is that a lot of people
really do care about the software we're building, and plenty of folks are
willing to help out, so long as:

  - we clearly identify/scope each important need,
  - we make the associated job clear/doable,
  - they have what it takes to do the job,
  - we *ask* for the help, AND
  - we're generous about giving credit for that help.

Not all roles get picked up right away, and it's often easier to recruit
one-time volunteers than sign up someone for an ongoing commitment, but:

  You just have to keep asking until you get the help.

We've already proven that we do a *far* better job of working with
contributors than most Open Source projects, and I'd like to keep pushing
further in that direction. OK?

designated headhunter

PS: By my count, we've already had two people (Tim LaDuca and JAL)
volunteer to be packagers, and one person (David) volunteer to be a writer,
so I think I'm off to a decent start. ;-)

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