Close and Open, or die, die, die compromise?

Subject: Close and Open, or die, die, die compromise?
From: Scott Bingman (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 22:43:19 CDT

How about this for a compromise?
A dialog box on File->Close in the last document that includes not only
the dialog "Do you wish to open a new document" Yes/No but a checkbox (a
la Netscape dialogs that can be checkmarked out of existence after the
first time you are annoyed by them) that says "Kill, kill,kill this
dialog box". This would give the warning to users who are not expectong
close to exit the program, and be easily removed by those who are just
annoyed by it.
There would have to be a re-implement the dialog, possibly in
Tools->Preferences...->Preference schemes at the bottom (because I think
that the die, die, die people will secretly re-implement this dialog
after a while of not having it, it will secretly become their time
saving friend, but we need not ever tell ;-))

Scott Bingman

PS. I know, I'm tired of it too, but it came to me in that moment just
before I fell asleep, and some of the most hairbrained and brilliant
ideas come at either that moment, or the moment you are just waking.

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