Re: Paper size (was: Re: 2 misc patches)

Subject: Re: Paper size (was: Re: 2 misc patches)
From: Nils Barth (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 18:08:01 CDT

On 2001-08-20-15:32, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> According to Nils Barth <>:
> > The second of these patches adds a LOT of page sizes -- basically all
> > the metric page sizes (4A, 2A, A0-A10, 4B, 2B, B0-B10, C0-C10).
> > Also, B4 had the wrong dimensions in our code; this fixes it.
> >
> > However, it
> > at present, since the `File->Page Setup...' dialog can't deal with
> > this many page sizes, at least not on GNOME.
> > This is because it presents them as simply a popup menu, which doesn't
> > work if you have 40-50 page sizes: in the case of GNOME, the menu
> > doesn't fit on the screen, at least with my settings, and the menu
> > doesn't scroll.
> > In any case, with this many page sizes, we need to rework the UI a
> > little, since a flat list becomes a little overwhelming.
> > I'd suggest something like MS Word's current (?) font list:
> > a scroll box, together with most common page sizes at the top.
> > The `most common' page sizes could be either:
> > recently used page sizes
> > locale-specific common page sizes
> > Maybe best would be `recently used', but seed the list with
> > locale-specific ones:
> > For the US, I'd suggest `Letter, Legal, (some common envelope sizes)';
> > for the rest of the world, I'd suggest `A4, B5, (some common envelopes: C5?)'
> Common on the top, then all the other should be accessible for a
> customizable dialog box that list them all and allow adding them to the popup.
> Also a currently used papersize appear in the combo too.

That sounds good -- proper UI for large lists can be awkward, and your
suggestion sounds very elegant.

In the dialog box, we might want to group papersizes (metric,
imperial, envelope?), but I don't know if this will be necessary --
metric is -very- easy, and there's not that many common imperial


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