Re: FAQ -- why the MSDI interface? (aka, no pagers please)

Subject: Re: FAQ -- why the MSDI interface? (aka, no pagers please)
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 18:15:56 CDT

At 10:27 AM 8/17/01 +0100, James Montgomerie wrote:
>on 16/8/01 10:16 pm, Hubert Figuiere at wrote:
>> According to Paul Rohr <>:
>>> Note that in the Mac UI, the few differences between MDI and MSDI are
>>> much subtler. In fact, if I did my job right a few years ago, then our
>>> existing XP MSDI policies for window management will map *very* cleanly
>>> a native Mac look and feel. Hub may need a platform-specific #ifdef in
>>> spot, but otherwise I think I got very close. We'll see. ;-)
>> [ ... ]
>3/ Mac users expect the application to remail 'loaded' even with no windows
>open until they tell it to quit explicitly.

Yep. This is the ifdef I had in mind. ;-)

Macintosh *does* have an app-wide menubar, so users on that platform have a
familiar GUI affordance to represent the state of a loaded application with
no documents.

I can remember many novice Mac users being confused by this feature, but
it's familiar enough by now that we should mimic it there.


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