Re: Fwd: OEone Introduction

Subject: Re: Fwd: OEone Introduction
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 16:50:21 CDT

> >Hello Abisuite Developers:
> >My name is Mike Potter and I work for a software company in Hull,
> >Quebec, Canada called OEone. We are developing an operating platform
> >for internet devices, and have integrated Abiword into our software.
> >Our entire environment is built in XUL and runs inside the Mozilla web
> >browser, on a custom RedHat Linux distribution. We have built an XPCom
> >plugin that allows us to embed the Abiword word processor directly into
> >our environment. This acts as our word processor for the environment.
> >You can see a screenshot of it at


This is great news you bring to us.
Thanks a lot for letting us know and we are really eager to have this
in the main tree.

BTW, we just got an e-mail from other developers that did do the
same but for OLE, providing XP support inside the Abi framework.
That may be of interest to you.

Keep up the work :-)


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