Re: Scripting

Subject: Re: Scripting
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 16:41:21 CDT

According to David Mandelin <>:
> The attachment is a patch that makes AbiWord into a crude out-of-process
> COM server. It should be usable on Windows from Python/Perl/VB/VBS/C++
> clients. Right now about all you can do is open documents, navigate the
> document-section-block tree, and view text inside blocks. You can also
> modify the text and save, but modifying text causes an assert failure in
> the UI (something with cursor positioning). The code isn't efficient,
> and it doesn't handle errors.
> Anyway, exposing COM objects from AbiWord isn't too hard, and a decent
> fraction of the code should be XP. But it will be quite a bit of work,
> and there are some architectural issues I'd like to bring up instead of
> spending 2 months on this and then finding out everyone hates it.


All of this is good news. Having AbiWord available as a component in
platform Component model is a good idea.

I'll let the technical issues to people that are more familiar with
the subject, but I'm very eager to have this included into the source

And I really hope this will push our GNOME hacker to bonoboize AbiWord
to some extent.

We will have to see how we can integrate it with the current release as
we are unlikely to make huge changes until 1.0. Perhaps branching the tree
will be the solution.

Keep up the good work.


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