Re: Scripting

Subject: Re: Scripting
From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 16:20:58 CDT

At 02:55 PM 8/15/2001 -0500, David Mandelin wrote:
>The attachment is a patch that makes AbiWord into a crude out-of-process
>COM server.

         WAY COOL!!!

>Right now about all you can do is open documents, navigate the
>document-section-block tree, and view text inside blocks. You can also
>modify the text and save, but modifying text causes an assert failure in
>the UI (something with cursor positioning).

         Sounds like a great start!

>Anyway, exposing COM objects from AbiWord isn't too hard, and a decent
>fraction of the code should be XP.

         That what I was hoping would have come out of the Perl-scripting
work, but it didn't seem to :(. If you could XP much of this, it would go
a long way towards improving all the work in this area - and on future

>1. In this patch, AbiWord is single-threaded, and script method calls
>run on the same thread. This means AbiWord needn't be thread-safe, but
>scripts are hard because the user can do something in the UI between 2
>script method calls. I'd like to add a mutex that allows one script to
>lock out the UI and other scripts for short periods. Thoughts?

         Completely reasonable in a single-threaded model.

>Is refactoring to improve scripting support a good idea, or a bad idea?

         I'd say it's a GREAT idea - but I suspect that Dom (and others)
will probably want it to wait till post-1.0...


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