Re: 0.9.1 Query

Subject: Re: 0.9.1 Query
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 13:25:39 CDT

Quoting David Chart <>:

> Was 0.9.1 finalised yesterday, or should I be rolling the credits for
> today's patches into the 0.9.1 release notes? The alternative, of
> course,
> is starting the 0.9.2 document up.

We'll have to release a 0.9.2 soon. The build problems on win32 are definitely
show-stopper. Also, I just fixed a bug related to spell-checking on win32, as
retported by Tim. God, if you all knew how much I hate iconv...

So on that note, I've just committed lots of changes to the tree related to
iconv. In the future, please use the functions and classes declared in ut_iconv.h

> BTW, current CVS doesn't build (diving make) on LinuxPPC. It breaks down
> in
> wv, in text.c, in function swap_inconv, complaining about ICONV_CONST.

You probably need to re-run configure there after a cvs update. I just updated
things this morning. If that doesn't fix things, please tell me. Also, Hub, if
you can/can't reproduce this, please tell me.


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