Re: libiconv 1.7 on Win32, QNX, etc.?

Subject: Re: libiconv 1.7 on Win32, QNX, etc.?
From: David Mandelin (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 15:55:08 CDT

OK, here is a first try at a fixed-up build. The attached files should
be installed under $ABI_ROOT/libiconv. Then AbiWord will build on Win32.
I don't know which features of AbiWord to test in order to get evidence
that iconv actually works.

If it doesn't work, maybe I forgot one of the updated files. Let me


1. It doesn't use the configure script, so I don't know how XP it is. It
seems to work on RH 7 though.

2. libiconv uses errno, and this was causing a link error on Win32. I
just put a definition "int errno" #ifdef'd for WIN32 into iconv.c. There
is a warning about the linkage specification on errno. I couldn't figure
it out.

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