[patch] html imp/exp work

Subject: [patch] html imp/exp work
From: John L. Clark (jlc6@po.cwru.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 01:25:39 CDT

Hey Guys,

Here's the most recent update to the html exporter and importer. On the
exporter side, it fixes a subtle list export bug (revealed by the
importer work, of all things), as well as several style issues and other
minor tweaks. On the importer side, I did a lot of work to make lists
import correctly as well as to further quiet importer warnings.

Take care,

        <<continuing to creep toward roundtripping html>>

P.S. I think bug 1485 is fixed. Also, can anyone confirm and provide
more details for bug 1647 (is it just localized to Macintosh)?

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