Re: Call for writers - help us with the user documentation

Subject: Re: Call for writers - help us with the user documentation
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 09:16:11 CDT

>>>>> "Randy" == Randy Kramer <> writes:

Randy> On the subject of the 1.0 release of AbiWord, I'd like to
Randy> propose something a little different. Why don't we plan to
Randy> never make a 1.0 release? I'm serious, but slightly
Randy> tongue-in-cheek -- the suggestion is that we use a humorous
Randy> approach to increase AbiWord's name recognition. (AbiWord's
Randy> first advertising campaign -- BTW: This is intended as food for
Randy> thought, and is not a "finished" proposal.)

Actually, I was giving half a thought to abandoning x.y.z versioning
altogether and, where we would have gone for 0.9, go for:

 Release 42

Then we mess around and do our stuff. When we think it's time we got a
new release out the door, we do weekly stabilizing beta releases:

 Release 43 pre 1
 Release 43 pre 2
 Release 43 pre 3
 Release 43 pre 4
 ... whatever it takes...
 Release 43

It's open ended, and we are bound by no established versioning
scheme. Also, by committing to weekly releases we set ourselves
measurable goals that should help make progress more visible for
interested users who want to help test.

If we want to fix bugs in a release, do

 Release 43 Build 2
 Release 43 Build 3

But I'm not sure the world is ready for something like this :)


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