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Subject: Re: [ BOUNCE Non-member submission from [Markus Kuhn ]]
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 18:05:16 CDT


Thanks for your note.

You've included a ton of useful Unicode information in your post, much of
which I hadn't seen before. We've done a lot to be Unicode-savvy, but we'd
obviously appreciate additional expert help whenever we can find it.

As for specific issues raised in your note:

1. We've just started learning about the Ctrl-Shift chording technique.
Among other things, we've been informed that the GTK 2.0 folks are doing
that work, which you should be pretty happy to hear about.

2. The news about 10646 encodings of the X fonts is welcome. (Finally,
XP bullets!) Are there any license issues on distributing them? If not,
I'll leave it up to folks like Tomas and Vlad to decide how to avoid
conflicts between those fonts and the ones we currently ship.

>I haven't looked at Abiword yet, but I keep a list of Unicode-aware
>Linux applications in my Unicode on Linux FAQ on
>and it would be nice if someone knowledgeable could contribute a brief
>statement about the current state of UCS support in Abiword.

3. I'm probably not "knowledgeable" enough to give you the definitive quote
you need, but here's something to get you started.

  AbiWord is an Open Source word processor that runs natively on Windows,
  Unix, GNOME, BeOS and QNX (among others). All document content is stored
  internally as UCS-2, and stored in a clean XML file format. Import/export
  functionality exists for a growing number of encodings and file formats,
  including plain-text UTF8, which is also used for storing users' custom

  There has been a ton of effort recently to increase interoperability with
  various encodings, but we could always use more help in this area. To get
  started, see:

  Or just grab a copy of Abiword and start playing with it.

Hope that helps!


PS: Sorry for the nasty subject line. Looks like you got bit by our spam

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