unicode-related abiword thread

Subject: unicode-related abiword thread
From: oldo (oldo@CoLi.Uni-SB.DE)
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 19:30:04 CDT

i'm oliver and watch the "The Ant Community" who develop one GNOME word
processor: Abiword (abisource.com). it has decent unicode support as far
as i know and is developing quite fast. It is available on many platforms
(Unixes, Be, MacOS X, Win32, Palm? ;-) . ..)
Anyway - Here is a snapshot from a respective thread:

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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 12:25:56 -0700
From: Paul Rohr <paul@abisource.com>
To: Mike Nordell <tamlin@algonet.se>, AbiWord-dev <abiword-dev@abisource.com>
Subject: Re: keyboard input of arbitrary characters

At 10:43 PM 4/17/01 +0200, Mike Nordell wrote:
>Paul Rohr wrote:
>> I really like the idea of having a keyboard-driven ALT+ mechanism to input
>> arbitrary characters, but rather than stick to Windows-specific codepage
>> conventions, wouldn't we want to somehow specify *Unicode* characters as
>> the alternative to ANSI?
>I think that's the job of any IME, or do you from the top of your head
>remember the decimal representation of e.g 0xe000 (start of user defined
>chars I think)? :-)

Of course I haven't memorized all of Unicode. My only point was that from a
UI standpoint it might be nice if we had a keyboard-driven way for all
platforms to add common stuff like:

#define UCS_EN_SPACE ((UT_UCSChar)0x2002)
#define UCS_EM_SPACE ((UT_UCSChar)0x2003)
#define UCS_EN_DASH ((UT_UCSChar)0x2013)
#define UCS_EM_DASH ((UT_UCSChar)0x2014)
#define UCS_BULLET ((UT_UCSChar)0x2022)
#define UCS_LQUOTE ((UT_UCSChar)0x2018)
#define UCS_RQUOTE ((UT_UCSChar)0x2019)
#define UCS_LDBLQUOTE ((UT_UCSChar)0x201c)
#define UCS_RDBLQUOTE ((UT_UCSChar)0x201d)

Those I *would* memorize, and knowing that I could enter any arbitrary
character that way is pretty comforting.

Failing that, we should (eventually) do one or both of the following:

  - extend the symbol dialog to input all Unicode symbols available
  - create explicit shortcuts for common punctuation characters

>> Just a thought. In any event, I'd happily give up the existing ALT+1,2,3
>> keybindings if that's what's needed to get a mechanism like this
>> in a clean XP fashion.
>I think they can coexist. Windows (or rather, the IBM-"compatible" x86 PC,
>it's a BIOS thingie I think) only allow this numeric input using the numeric

OK. I'm not familiar with the Windows convention here. Sounds like a great
way to enter stuff from limited codepages, but a poor XP solution for us.

>From rescanning the #defines above, it looks like I want to enter the
canonical hex values, so a numeric-keypad-only solution wouldn't work for me
anyhow. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.


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