Re: Towards 0.90.

Subject: Re: Towards 0.90.
From: David Chart (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 13:51:56 CDT

--On 26/4/01 11:53 +1000 Martin Sevior wrote:

> The first and foremost thing we should decide, is who will be the release
> manager? We have volenteers from Sam and David Chat.

Er, that's 'Chart', and I wasn't volunteering to be release manager. I
think Sam should do it. At least, someone whose name the AbiWord developers
know on an instinctive level should do it. ;-)

I *was* volunteering to help out with things like AWN, cleaning up
bugzilla, AbiWord documentation, that sort of thing. I can't code. I can
write. (I can also build binaries on LinuxPPC, if that's helpful to the
release process.)

David Chart

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