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Subject: Re: Todo list for 1.0
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 12:25:25 CDT

At 08:30 AM 4/13/01 +1000, Martin Sevior wrote:
>Hi everyone,
> At GUADEC we through together this todo list for 1.0. These
>are a collection of features and bug fixes we thought would be easy to


Thanks for putting together this list.

We have a lot of work to do to polish and hone our existing feature set (ie,
making the feature/UI/locale matrices green), so I'm really glad to see that
everyone's focused on a fairly short list of new features.

specific feedback
In particular, I view #1-4 as musts.

#7-9 sound plausible, and #11-12 sound worthwhile, especially if we continue
to get more talented help on the BiDi front. I'd be happy to include any of
these in a release when they Just Work, but I'm not sure I'd hold the
release for them, either.

I'm less confident about #10, since hyphenation tends to be a complex,
locale-specific mess. I'd rather hold the feature entirely for 1.2 or 2.0
so we can ensure that it Just Works.

As previously mentioned, I'm dubious about our ability to produce a
rock-solid scripting (#5) and macros (#13) capability in short order. This
sounds like a good feature to play around with for a post-1.0 timeframe. In
particular, I'd *hate* to see Joaquin's work on what sounds like a very
promising Lists dialog rewrite held up by this.

#6 and #10 sound like good politics in the GNOME community, so I have no
specific objections to them, provided that they don't become obstacles to
all the XP and platform-specific 1.0 polishing we still need to do. I
personally wouldn't hold the release for either of them, though.

In particular, I do still want to ensure that we maintain the minimal number
of parallel make systems, so I'd like to request that we not make any
autoconf switchover official until Sam's had the time (or help) to get it
wokring well on non-Unix platforms, too.

I'm not sure I understand #14. Is that just implementing the consensus we
may have reached here, or something else?

OK, that's my $0.02. What does everyone else think?

excited about 1.0

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