Re: big honkin' images

Subject: Re: big honkin' images
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 07:58:29 CDT

According to Paul Rohr <>:
> In any event, I guess I'm still tempted to let people insert big honkin'
> images (BHIs) if they really want to. However, I see no particular reason
> to prevent them from paying a scaling price if they do so. For example, the
> following FAQ seems to be entirely appropriate:
> Q: I just inserted a BHI into my document, and now the resulting .abw
> file is huge. How do I make my document smaller?
> A1: Make the image smaller before you insert it.
> A2. Compress the document when you save it (ie, as .zabw).
> On that theory, adding native JPEG support to the file format is less
> necessary, but I'm not sure whether I've convinced anyone of that argument
> yet.

It still is necessary. Compressing a PNG, even if the binary is
base64 will have almost no effects. This is a basic information theory
since compression tends to bring entropy of the information to a level
where another compression would be inefficient. This means that
compressing the .abw file will not bring a noticeable size improvement.
So answer A2 is useless.

On the other side keeping JPEG as JPEG (and yes I'm not advocating
conversion from any other format to JPEG) will help not wasting the file

I can provide practical results. I already did with PNG / JPEG
file size comparison.


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