Re: install problems on WinNT

Subject: Re: install problems on WinNT
From: Istvan Vomberg (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 23:45:48 CDT


WJCarpenter wrote:

> This is just a problem with the windows installer. If you find your
> previous installation (typically "C:\Program Files\AbiSuite\") and
> delete it completely, the new install should go painlessly. The
> problem is that all of the font files and help files (and there are a
> *lot*) are installed "read-only". Next time around, the installer
> fails when it tries to overlay them.

I had this problem. I had to delete all the files and directories
_manually_. The Add/Remove programs in Control panel was not enough.
Version 0.7.14 is fine!


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