Towards 0.90.

Subject: Towards 0.90.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 20:53:32 CDT

HI everyone,
            Now that the Styles dialog is almost done, we should decide
some things for 0.90, which I believe should be the next release.

The first and foremost thing we should decide, is who will be the release
manager? We have volenteers from Sam and David Chat. This is a very
important job.

Amongst the duties of the 0.90 release manager are:

1. Deciding when to release.
2. Deciding what features MUST be in the release.
3. Deciding which bugs MUST NOT be in the release.
4. Bothering people to fix things.
5. Organizing the release notes.
6. Organizing binaries and uploading them to SourceForge.
7. Issuing massive publicity.

It takes real time to do all these things. I thought Sam did a tremendous
job for 0.7.12 and 0.7.13.

We all know that the release process for 0.7.14 was badly handled though.
Maybe because the release manager was not clearly defined for that
release. We definately don't want that to happen again. Lets be perfectly
clear about who has the responsibility and also help out the release
manager by:

a> Bugging him about jobs that need to be done.
b> Offering to do jobs for him.
c> Building binaries.
d> Helping with the release notes.

and of course writing code :-)

The release manager must be available and responsive. It would be great if
he had time to hangout on #abiword.



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