RE: encryption

Subject: RE: encryption
From: WJCarpenter (bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 14:39:27 CDT

tomas> as a patch, when I have the time. I think the best solution
tomas> would be to create a separate file type, where everything
tomas> between the <abiword> tags would be encrypted; it could be
tomas> called ebw, abwe, or something like that. If anyone would like

If that's the case, why have the <abiword> tags at all wrapping the
encrypted stuff? I don't see the value of it.

There are plenty of "whole file" encryptors in the world, including
some that are pretty good at self-description (e.g., you feed PGP blob
to PGP, and it works out the keys and algorithms and whatnot). Just
use one of them to decrypt the file into a .ABW or .ZABW file and open
it the usual way. (A disadvantage to this scheme is that it makes a
file system copy of the cleartext, but I have my doubts that an
AbiWord-native crypto implementation would be free of such

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