Human-readable text export filter

Subject: Human-readable text export filter
From: David Given (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 13:05:56 CDT

Enclosed is a patch that adds a new export filter to AbiWord 0.7.13. This
produces what I call Human Readable Text. This involves adding simple markup for
things like #bold#, *italics* and _underlined_ text among others, along with
some strategically placed newlines for general readability. I need this in order
to turn some of my documents into plain text suitable for posting to a crit
group. The standard plain text filter doesn't produce files very comfortable for
human consumption.

The code is based extremely heavily on the HTML export filter and is almost
certainly very bad (I've never even looked at the Abiword source before about an
hour ago). Do with it what you will.

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