Re: speaking of bugs

Subject: Re: speaking of bugs
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 04:58:34 CDT

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Nordell <> writes:

Mike> I haven't refreshed my local tree in a while why this might
Mike> already be fixed. I didn't find it in bugzilla (which btw
Mike> displays some dirt "--thisrandomstring Content-type:
Mike> text/html").

Hm, I thought BZ was standards compliant :)

Mike> To reproduce (Win32, but *nix reports welcome):

Mike> Type: a <return> a Ctrl + a

Mike> All text (all two lines) should now be selected.

Mike> Click the italics button. The text goes italics, though the
Mike> button stays "up". Click it again. It goes "down". Click it
Mike> again. The button goes "up", though the text is still italics.

Mike> Already fixed, or a new one?

That problem was introduced with my backend changes adding the pilcrow
some weeks back. It's been fixed in CVS though.


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