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Subject: Re: NO consensus!
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 21:44:08 CDT

LDR wrote:
> Not me! I think we can do a LOT better in terms of where the
>XP/AP lines cross. I believe that the ONLY thing that should happen in AP
>code is rendering an RGBA bitmap into platform space. All image format
>loading, manipulation (scaling, etc.) should be done in XP code!! I don't
>care whose code it is (IM, gdk-pixbuf, etc.) but I can't think of ANY GOOD
>REASON to duplicate all that stuff for each platform. We already have too
>much duplicated code, let's not add more!

Ok, so maybe not all of us are in consensus. This isn't a bad thing, because
sometimes smart people disagree. Your argument is valid and should be
considered. Here's my thoughts:

1) Abiword is an XP app
1.a) We want it to have as close to 100% feature-parity between platforms
1.b) So we have the need to be able to read documents created on Win32 on a
Unix box, etc...
2) AbiWord also must integrate well with its host platform. It must look,
feel, and behave as well as possible with those other "native" apps
2.a) This means that we must use p-specific code in those areas where it
"makes sense" to. Such an example is a widget set or using GnomePrint.
2.b) This also means that some platforms might have builtins/libraries more
powerful/different from other platforms.

Now, I'm arguing that we should use 2a & 2b to our advantage. We *need* to
fit in with our surroundings. We *need* to use those things that are
available to us, when their usage is both feasible and reasonable.

So using GdkPixbuf on Gnome would be great because it lets you do #1 while
leveraging #2. Our users get a great experience there. Users don't care
about duplicated code that they'll never see.

Also, much of the "duplicated code" that you mention comes from a fast
growing of Abi. A lot of things need to be refactored. Lots of methods in
the AP_*Frame class, for example, are just cut-and-paste from one to

What I'm arguing for is an interface which will avoid this duplication
*where* possible and also let us interface with native libs such that our
users have as rich and powerful experience as they demand.

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