commit - fix for bug I can't find :)

Subject: commit - fix for bug I can't find :)
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 09:48:48 CDT

I'm pretty sure we used to have a bug about a the problem of empty
paragraphs between non-default properties paragraphs would lose their
property on load.

That is:

 <font=72pt>line 1</font>
 <font=72pt>line 2</font>

Would save as

 <font=72pt>line 1</font>
 <font=72pt>line 2</font>

and appear weird if continuing editing after reloading since
properties in empty paragraphs are suddenly different from when the
doc was saved.

Anyway, I've fixed it. The only thing about the patch that's a bit
dodgy is that the AbiWord importer keeps a counter for each operation
it makes so it's possible to easily detect empty paragraphs [the
alternative would be to always add FmtMarks and delete them for
non-empty paras, but that's (a) more cumbersome, (b) violates the fact
that we're only appending to the document during import.


Save properties of empty paragraphs.
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