EFS & OLE2 [WAS Re: Structured Storage]

Subject: EFS & OLE2 [WAS Re: Structured Storage]
From: Dom Lachowicz (cinamod@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 10:13:33 CDT

>and file(2) shokes on OLE document too.

As it should :) They're all pretty much completely indistinguishable from
one another.

> > 1) EFS - the embedded FS. Used with a few Bonobo apps
>Any doc ?

Probably. I'll have to dig some up. It should be noted that this is avoided
"like the plague" in the Gnome community and (iirc) its author doesn't fully
believe in its usefulness. It stands to wreck havoc with our XML parsers
too, but i guess that any Embedded/Structured FS will have that effect.

> > 2) TGZ - rebels!
> > 3) ZIP - OpenOffice

I wouldn't discount them so quickly before reading about their

> > 4) OLE2 - very common
>Very dangerous: controlled by Microsoft which will not hesitate to corrupt
>We'd better to not bet on the same horse.

OLE2 is actually an "open" spec which MSFT just happened to create. There
are many freeware implementations of it (loala, libole2, others. See

I say in high confidence and in good faith that I believe that MSFT will
never change this spec, ever. One reason being that they would lose
inter-operability with all of their several billion/trillion documents in
existence. Their own company and several others depend on this SPEC's
existence (MSFT Office is an $11B a year business).

>Flash Pix too.
>This raise the problem of depending on libole2 for other importers
>my post on SDW file format investigations, a couple of monthes ago ?)

Yup, that's what made me bring up the SWD issue. WP support will also need
this, etc...


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