Re: XP design for image support

Subject: Re: XP design for image support
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 06:43:24 CDT

According to Sam TH <>:
> Wow, those are big space savings - but that's an image that people
> aren't going to want to embed in AbiWord. It's just too big. It
> won't fit nicely one paper, and it just won't look good enough
> printed.

Abiword is targetted at average user, and average user does things
that can be stupid, like putting a 4 MB BMP it a word document to
send it to friends. That is soemthing we have to deal with. Seriously.

1024x768 is a typically image size when it comes to screenshot (if
for example I'm writting "Abiword for dummies")[1]. When being printed
in colour on a 600 dpi printer I need at least 145 lpi that means that
a 1024 pixel wide picture at 145 lpi will be 7 inches which fits on a
A4 pages with almost standard margins.
Even if the image does not really fit, typical user, including me, will
shrink the image and let the output device (the printer) scale it
properly to use as efficiently as possible its resolution

> Fundamentally, I don't think that the images jpeg works best with are
> images that we really need to worry about. Optimize the common case
> and all.

I'm not saying that JPEG is universal, I'm just saying that it is a good
supplement to PNG when dealing with bitmap graphics, mainly photographies.


[1] Actually I would use PNG for this.

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