Re: Graphic Images

Subject: Re: Graphic Images
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 06:00:25 CDT

>So why ask these apps to be able to handle arbitrary image formats, when
>its within our power to ask them only to handle three (PNG, SVG, JPEG)?

Because these apps already handle arbitrary image formats. We are
(unnessarily) the limiting factor, not them. Should we ask KWord to remove
those importers which we don't support? I think not. Should we advoate lossy
conversions, hurting interoperability? Should we advocate their translating
things into formats that we can understand because we're too dumb and not
extensible enough to handle the others? Why not make every src="" URI in
HTML necessarily point to a PNG? Let's see how many supporters we get for
that. Differend image formats exist for very sprecific reasons. It'd be a
crying shame if we didn't play nicely with all of those formats, and those
apps that already do, regardless of how "open" or specified our format is.
Why place unnecessary arbitrary restrictions upon ourselves and others,
"just because"?

We have to break out of this second-class application mentality.


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